Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A banquet table at least 6 feet in length and preferably skirted
  2. The table should be within 25 feet of a standard electrical outlet
No! IDJ4FUN offers continuous music throughout the event–only stopping as necessitated by the event schedule.
Attire that suits the occasion. Examples:
  • Weddings: A dark classically styled suit
  • Private Parties: Attire as requested by party host
  • Outdoor Events: Casual attire
Yes! Clients are encouraged to submit request lists prior to the event as well as allow guests to make requests during the party.
Light volume background music that spans the decades. This is the perfect time to play great songs that may not be the best for dancing but will please a broad range of ages and musical preferences. Of course if you’re looking to “set the mood” with a particular style of music or perhaps a soundtrack, that can be done as well.
Yes! A best practice is to start an event at a low volume level and gradually ease into a “danceable” level as the party progresses.
Remembering the DJ when it comes to food service is always appreciated, but certainly not necessary. In most situations, when all the guests have been served, there is usually an opportunity to sneak a plate behind the table for discrete consumption.
Not a problem. It’s just as important to consider the “do not play” songs in addition to the must plays.
Definitely workable! IDJ4FUN has performed in conjunction with:
  • Bands–to provide extended band breaks for non-stop music and fill in the musical gaps
  • Pianists/Keyboard Players and other solo performers–to transition from dinner music to dancing
  • Other DJs–You bet! IDJ4FUN has played the oldies while a club jock mixed cutting edge dance tracks
  • Line Dance Instructors
  • Square Dance callers
You will have Peggy Castle as your personal DJ, event consultant and performer.