Peggy Castle

After decades of DJing in the Washington, DC area, I am thrilled to be based in Lewes, DE and serving the Delaware Cape Region! Throughout my DJ career, I made multiple trips to the Delaware beaches to perform for private parties, wedding celebrations golf events, etc. and am happy to continue doing so from a local and permanent location.


I’ve been a professional mobile DJ for over 40 years, performing at over 1,000 events in the Washington, DC area as well as New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas and Mexico.

In May 1980 as a sophomore at Georgetown Visitation, I landed my first gig at the Somerset Elementary School Fair (my alma mater!) that paid $25.00.

My brother, Ed Castle, started a DJ company in the Washington, DC area during the height of the disco craze in the ’70s and was my main influence in becoming a DJ.

While attending the University of Maryland, I worked for Bristol Sounds DJ’s, performing at events up and down the DC-Baltimore corridor and managing the company’s music library for over 25 DJ systems. Upon graduation, I became a manager at Bristol Sounds and continued to perform at events.

DJ Ed Castle

Ed Castle

In 1990, I performed at a pool party that had been contracted by XTRA 104 radio. Bob Duckman, XTRA’s programming director and mid-day personality made an appearance at that party. A few days later, Bob called me and told me about a character that the station was creating named “Runaround Sue.” Soon after, I landed the position as Runaround Sue and for the next six years I performed on air, made appearances and co-produced a show hosted by Wolfman Jack.
Upon leaving XTRA in 1996, I transitioned my daytime career from radio to wireless telecommunications, but still find the time to keep spinning the tunes with my mobile disc jockey business.

Where did the name IDJ4FUN come from?

Originally, the idea was to have “IDJ4U” as a license plate. Credit goes to my sister Barbara. Ultimately, the State of Maryland issued “IDJ4FUN” which was the second choice on the vanity plate form. I then started saying, “I’m Peggy Castle and I DJ for fun” during my performances and it just stuck with me.



In the beginning

Began DJing with records and a “cobbled-together” sound system of home stereo components.


80's Lady

Worked off a Cassette-based music library.



Introduced CDs to the DJ music library.


More Compact

Converted system to all CD.



Began the process of converting CD library to mp3.



Converted system to PC-based with mp3 library.



Still on a PC-based system after all these years! Continual maintenance and/or upgrades to both the DJ system and music library keeps the sound fresh.